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M Sarki

Besides being a poet with four collections published, M Sarki is a painter, film maker, and photographer. He likes fine coffee and long walks. 

M Sarki has written, directed, and produced six short films titled Gnoman's Bois de Rose, Biscuits and Striola , The Tools of Migrant Hunters, My Father's Kitchen, GL, and Cropped Out 2010. More details to follow. Also the author of the feature film screenplay, Alphonso Bow.

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Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd (Reading Edition)
Nick Mason
American Witness: The Art and Life of Robert Frank
R J Smith
Why Bob Dylan Matters
Richard F. Thomas
Philip Roth
Nevertheless: A Memoir
Alec Baldwin
A $500 House in Detroit: Rebuilding an Abandoned Home and an American City
Drew Philp
Spring Song and other stories
Joyce Cary
The Dying Grass: A Novel of the Nez Perce War
William T. Vollmann
Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing
Ashleigh Wilson
Girlfriends, Ghosts, and Other Stories
Annette Wiesner, Nicole Kongeter, Robert Walser, Tom Whalen

The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America

The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America - Ann Neumann https://msarki.tumblr.com/post/159596785083/the-good-death-an-exploration-of-dying-in

Over the past couple of years there have been several books ordered or taken down from my shelf regarding the subject of death. Some would say the subject is too morose to burden oneself with. But the final outcome of life is what we might expect given if facts are adhered to honestly. There is nothing more for me to add in reviewing The Good Death by Ann Neumann. Reading this book was not fun, but instead informative, upsetting, and interesting. There is no escaping the frustrations of the world as fellow victim of it. And anyone choosing to live in this world has in their own way already given themselves over to another. It is with luck and practice that our life ends peacefully. There is no reward, no medal given, for all of us one day will be ultimately forgotten. To believe otherwise is at best delusional, even if comforting at times. What is as important as what we do are the brief moments of intimacy that avail us when we reach out and become open to them. It is what adds sweetness to the tears we shed. There is no good death. Only one we can hope is good enough.