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M Sarki

Besides being a poet with four collections published, M Sarki is a painter, film maker, and photographer. He likes fine coffee and long walks. 

M Sarki has written, directed, and produced six short films titled Gnoman's Bois de Rose, Biscuits and Striola , The Tools of Migrant Hunters, My Father's Kitchen, GL, and Cropped Out 2010. More details to follow. Also the author of the feature film screenplay, Alphonso Bow.

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L'Appart: The Delights and Disasters of Making My Paris Home
David Lebovitz
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American Witness: The Art and Life of Robert Frank
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Scissors: A Novel

Scissors: A Novel - Stephane Michaka Total crap. Do not believe a word of the hype and blurbs regarding this book. A middle-school child could have written this, and still come across with more of the truth in his fiction than Michaka coyly managed. It is not surprising to me that devotees of Lish have completely ignored this book. If it were any good there would have been some sort of outrage. A novel easily discounted for its poor attempt at copying important literary lives and a hopelessly failed attempt at exhibiting them on the page.