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M Sarki

Besides being a poet with four collections published, M Sarki is a painter, film maker, and photographer. He likes fine coffee and long walks. 

M Sarki has written, directed, and produced six short films titled Gnoman's Bois de Rose, Biscuits and Striola , The Tools of Migrant Hunters, My Father's Kitchen, GL, and Cropped Out 2010. More details to follow. Also the author of the feature film screenplay, Alphonso Bow.

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Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing
Ashleigh Wilson
Girlfriends, Ghosts, and Other Stories
Annette Wiesner, Nicole Kongeter, Robert Walser, Tom Whalen
The Lesser Bohemians
Eimear McBride
My Life and Loves
John F. Gallagher, Frank Harris
Melbourne Beach and Indialantic Florida
Frank J. Thomas
Writing Dangerously: Mary McCarthy and Her World
Stephen Black, Carol Brightman
Seduction and Betrayal: Women and Literature
Elizabeth Hardwick, Joan Didion
My Friend Annabel Lee (1903)
Mary MacLane
Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader
Bojana Novakovic, Michael R. Brown, Mary MacLane
Stranger Shores: Essays 1986-1999
J.M. Coetzee

On Marriage

On Marriage - Mary MacLane I would read anything this woman wrote. I am falling in love with her. Her honesty and forthrightness is so admirable. Plus she is smart and clever and charming as hell. And naughty too. But as much as I enjoyed discovering additional critical views here from Mary MacLane on the subject of marriage I believe she was more direct at the age of nineteen.

“…The defilement of so sacred and beautiful a thing as marriage is surely the darkest evil that can come to a life…And so I want a fascinating wicked man to come and make me positively, rather than negatively, wicked.”___[a:Mary MacLane|262465|Mary MacLane|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1277326747p2/262465.jpg] from I Await the Devil’s Coming collected in [b:Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader|13266635|Human Days A Mary MacLane Reader|Mary MacLane|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1324376021s/13266635.jpg|18279424]